Treatment of thinning cortices of both my kidney? Because I am diagnosed Genito-Urinary Tuberculosis.

The treatment of your kidney disease involves treatment of the tuberculosis.  If the tuberculosis is successfully treated then the kidney disease will be successfully treated.

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I have had kidney pain and microalbuminuria and left kidney is atrophic. And large cyst measuring 6cm on right lower pole in May 2013. Had a renal tract ultrasound yesterday can you please answer what the findings are? The right kidney is hypertrophic measuring 13.2cm the cyst has grown to 8.6cm which is avascular since May 2013 there is mild prominence of the right renal collecting system. And the left atrophic kidney has four small cysts measuring up to 1.8cm. The bladder contained a pre-void volume of 614ml and a mildly enlarged post-void volume of 53ml. My timed urine microalbumin (MAT-0) showed my albumin excretion rate was 59.6 uq/min. Please let me know what you think?

I cannot interpret the ultrasound without examining the images myself.  Your description suggests that you have the atrophic left kidney and more normal right kidney.  There is an increase in the microalbumin in your urine.  This suggests that you have some kidney damage, but it does not tell me if this is coming from the atrophic left kidney or the more normal right kidney.  There are cysts in the kidneys, but I cannot what kind of cysts these might be.

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I have Fanconi’s syndrome and now with CKD Stage 4. I need to be on some kind of diet. However since I don’t have diabetes and take lots of potassium, sodium chloride, magnesium, etc, etc. for the Fanconi’s. How do I incorporate a diet with my disease?

You need to consult with a dietitian who can review your laboratory studies and review your diet.  The dietitian should be familiar with kidney disease.

For help finding a dietitian in your area please visit The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or call 800-366-1655.

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My question is, I donated my kidney to my brother. I am 29 yrs old. My health is good. Sir, how can I long live with one kidney? Does having one kidney pose any risk?

Many people are born with only one kidney and live normal lives, hence, be re-assured that you may likely live a long life after donating a kidney.  You should take care of yourself, not smoke, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and maintain a healthy weight.  You should also see your physician annually for examination and testing to check your blood pressure and test your blood and urine for kidney disease.  If you do all of these, you can live a healthy and long life with one kidney.

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My phorophrus level continue to be high every month. I take 4 renvelas per meal and 2 with snacks. I try to eat as healthy as possible. What else can I do to lower this level? My PTH is also high.

I cannot give medical advice without performing a complete history and physical examination.  I would first check with your dietitian and see if there is anything in your diet that needs to be changed.  You should keep a diary of everything that you eat and show this to your dietitian.  I would next make sure that you are getting enough dialysis time to clear all of the phosphorus out of your body.  Finally, if these two things have been accomplished, then you may need to consider consultation with your nephrologist and see if there are medication changes that can be made to treat your secondary hyperparathyroidism.  If there are no medication changes that can help, then you may need to consider seeing a surgeon to remove the excess parathyroid tissue from your neck (known as a parathyroidectomy).

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My latest creatinine was 1.7 and eGFR of 39. I have GERD and need to control stomach acid at night. What is least problematic for my kidneys? I took Gelusil for many years, Zantac for a couple of years, and Prilosec since it came on the market. I am 80

The medication you are taking should not pose any problem for your kidneys.  I cannot provide medication recommendations without performing a complete history and physical examination.  I recommend that you consult with your physician.

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I just had been told that I have xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis. I am trying to learn more about this disease. I did have my left kidney removed. There is not much info on this disease can you help me.

Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis is a chronic infection of the kidney most commonly seen in diabetic women and often seen with chronic recurrent bladder infections.  In most cases the kidney must be removed in hopes of preventing the spread of the infection to the other kidney.  It is also seen as a complication of chronically infected kidney stones, but especially in diabetics.  If present in both kidneys and they have to be removed, then you will require dialysis treatments.  This is a surgical disease most commonly cared for by urologists.

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I have just been diagnosed with IgA Bergers disease of the kidneys. Discovered thru protein in the urine which has gone from 300 mcg to 2100 mcg in 10 months. This started 6 weeks after an intravenous injection of Reclast which was given to me when I was severely dehydrated. Is this possible? I do not (nor have ever had) high blood pressure or diabetes. My cholesterol was 186 before the shot and is now 265. I am not overweight. I am female and 59 years old. 5 mg of lisinopril gives me a blood pressure of 98 over 58 and has not affected the progression of the protein in the urine. Any suggestions? My nephrologist seems to want to do nothing and says that only 25% of IgA Berger’s progress to kidney failure yet I want to aggresively try and treat it. I have never had protein or blood in the urine prior to this nor do I have any other conditions or diseases. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

I have never heard of Reclast (zolendronic acid) causing IgA nephropathy (Berger’s disease).  I have heard of Reclast causing protein loss from the kidney.  You may have had IgA Nephropathy (and did not know it) and then the Reclast caused the protein in the urine.  Based on the information that you provide, I agree with your nephrologist.  I suggest you continue to consult with your nephrologist.

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What is the treatment for CND?

I am not familiar with the acronym CND.  This is not an abbreviation or acronym that means anything to me

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My dad has been on dialysis now for approx 18 months, 3 times per week. He is 79 yeas old.  Over the past few weeks we have noticed that he can be very snappy, also very tired, perfectly normal and getting his words mixed up all in the space of one day. My daughter is really worried about him and thinks he has deteriorated over the past few weeks. Is there anyone we can speak to at the renal unit in confidence regarding this without him knowing?  

There should be social worker assigned to your father.  I would discuss this with the social worker assigned to the dialysis unit.

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