My sister has been experiencing kidney problems. She has under gone various testings. Kidney function is 50%. Her feet continue to swell, itching badly, burning lower legs, lower legs very dark. I am very concerned about medical attention. She is prescribed Furosemide 40mg & Atenolol 25mg. This condition is ongoing with no improvement. I want to help her by seeking info. I have been informed to ask for a second opinion.

I cannot establish a diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your sister and then help her find a second opinion.  I would also seek a specific diagnosis for her condition and what medication is being used to address that specific condition.

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I have been told by my doctor that I have fatty kidney. No further explanation besides no alcohol and lose weight… I am trying to find the right diet for me, since I have intense pain on my lower back, depending on what I eat. I am looking for advise and a list of food that I can and cannot eat and any other advise available for me.

I am not familiar with the term “fatty kidney”.  I am not aware of that as a medical diagnosis.  I suggest that you may have to consult with a dietitian about your situation.

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I have had Urinary Tract Infections with blood in urine since my twenties. I have had pain in my left side under my ribs at the back on the left. Since 2011 I have had pain in front and back under left ribs along with general weakness shortness of breath, strange headaches and cold hands and feet. Doctor sent me for Gastroenterology for stomach and intestine. All good, I asked him to see a nephrologist he said was not necessary. Here I am 2014, I have low creatinine level of 50 in July 2014. In April I fell really ill & creatinine was at 69. In May, I was every ill was diagnosed with kidney infection & creatinine at 58 burning in head, hands and feet. My creatinine is at 50 in June 26, 2014. My urologist does not believe I had a kidney infection. She won’t treat me any further. I am suffering with burning through out my whole body due to her. Can you help?

I do not identify a kidney disease in any of the information that you have provided.  I can only suggest that you continue to consult with your primary care physician.  The symptoms you describe do not sound like chronic kidney disease (CKD).  You may have chronic urinary tract disease but I cannot tell from your description.

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I was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome when I was 16. I’m now 28 and I have no insurance. I was denied medicaid and have not seen a kidney doctor in about 3 years. My blood pressure is creeping up and I’m afraid my kidneys may be failing. Is there any way I can get help with health insurance?

The National Kidney Foundation does not offer assistance with health insurance.  You should consult with your primary care physician about your kidney function.  You also may check with the Department of Insurance in your state and see if you can get assistance for health insurance in your state.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) offers assistance to patients who have limited income and need health insurance.  You should check with your state health insurance exchange.  For more information about insurance please click here

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Is it ok to take more than one capsule 25mg of hydroxyzine pamoate per day if I have stage 3 ckd? I was prescribed it for anxiety

I cannot recommend medications without knowing your complete history and performing a physical examination.  Only your physician can safely prescribe you medication.  I have safely used hydroxyzine in patients with chronic kidney disease.  You should consult with your physician.

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I have had CKD for 11 years now and had been relatively stable. Then I had to have a kidney biopsy because of labs were “changing.” I was diagnosed last month with C3 Nephritis DDD. Now I have been sent to MassGen in Boston. They have told me this is a very, very rare disease. Do you know much about it which you could explain to me?

Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis Type 2 is also known as C3 nephritis and also called Dense Deposit Disease (DDD).  It is true that this disease is very rare, it does not respond to most treatments and tends to cause progressive kidney failure over time.  It also tends to recur in kidney transplants.  Certain immune deficiencies have been described with the disease including abnormalities of the complement component of the immune system.  It is associated with a low C3 complement.  We do not know what specifically causes or triggers the disease.  It is best to see an expert nephrologist who is well versed in glomerulonephritis.  You are likely to find such an expert at Mass General in Boston.

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A family member had a nephrectomy a few years back and she is getting mixed messages from her doctors on whether she can take an opioid analgesic such as vicodin for episodes of acute (not chronic) pain. Some have relayed she can only take ASA or Tylenol, others are “OK” with her taking vicodin, etc. What is the National Kidney Foundation stance on this issue?

The National Kidney Foundation has a position statement about the use of analgesics in patients with chronic kidney disease.  You can find this at:   I think it is important to establish a relationship with a primary care physician and carefully follow advice about use of pain medications.

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I am a 76 year old female. My recent blood tests show potassium blood 5.3. My doctor is going to check my blood again in 3 months. I live in Arizona where summer time temps are near and somes over 100 degrees. I perspire a lot, day and night. Could this sweating have anything to do with high potassium?

I do not know of any association between sweating and a high potassium.  In fact, some potassium and sodium is lost in all sweat and perspiration.  I cannot provide a diagnosis based on the information that you provide.

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62 yr old male. I have had right side and back pain off and on for some time. Most always fatigue, dizzy spells, trouble concentrating, muscle aches, weakness, and recently pain in right leg. A couple months ago my blood work Ferritin 17.0, MVC 79.6. I take blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I am on Ferrous Sulfate 325mg 3 per day. Since taking this my symptoms have gotten worse. Any advice would be appreciated.

I do not recognize any kidney disease based on the symptoms you present.  Kidney disease does not commonly present with pain.  I suggest you consult your primary care physician.  Some of your tests suggest a deficiency of iron, but I am not able to provide a specific diagnosis.  You should undergo a complete history and physical examination.

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My father (age 57) going through Dialysis from Jan 26 2014 (permcath). His creatinine level 7 and ckd level 5. What could be the best kidney treatment?

The best kidney treatment is kidney transplantation. I suggest that your father look into getting a kidney transplant and also consider doing his dialysis at home.  Home dialysis can be very effective and patients generally feel much better.  Your father should also get a fistula so that he can remove his hemodialysis catheter (Permcath).

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