I have been having bubbles and foam in my urine for about two months as well as some mild swelling on fingers, calves, and ankles. I am 48 yrs old and a white female. My creatinine went from .8 mg/dl to .9 to 1.0 in a 5 week span. I have had three dip sticks which did not produce a significant amount of protein. I had an albumin to creatinine random sample and it was 3 (the creatinine was 131 mg/dl and the albumin was .4 mg/dl). However, the day before the test I have very little protein that day. Could that have made the test negative? Also, does it sound like I have a kidney concern since I have bubbles and foam in my urine (which usually happens a few hours after eating protein) and coupled with the fact that my creatinine has been rising? I am concerned. I did see a nephrologist but he wasn’t concerned. He said the foam was due to running as I am a mini marathoner who runs 25+ miles per week. Should I seek a second opinion? I don’t want to be told later on there really is a problem. He told me he wanted to see my creatinine level stay under 1.0 mg/dl for the next five years, however it did go up to 1.0. What insight can you provide based upon the information?

The description of your results sound normal to me and you appear to have normal kidney function. Bubbles and foam in the urine may sometimes be normal.

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