My dad has stage 5 kidney disease. GFR was 13 a month ago, and 10 about 2 weeks ago. His doctor is looking at the creatinine level and saying that he has about a year to go before starting dialysis, however we should look into the transplant option. His creatinine level is around 5.2. Looking at the GFR, I feel like there is not much time, however the doc seems to think he’s OK for another year. What tests do you use to determine the amount of time left on your own kidneys without dialysis or transplant?

Dialysis is not based on any specific number.  Dialysis is based on having specific symptoms that can be treated by starting dialysis treatments.  This is commonly based on discussion between your father and the nephrologist.  There is discussion about the risks of treatment and the burdens of starting dialysis care versus the benefits of relieving symptoms associated with chronic kidney disease.  Only the nephrologist can make recommendations and your father must decide about whether he is willing to endure the burdens of care.

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