I am a medical school graduate working in Pediatrics. Concerned about my kidney issue. I am 29 years old weight 86kg and 5’11’ slightly elevated cholesterol, having gfr 87 which was 89.2 weeks back and 102 a year back. So do my creatinine was 0.8 a year ago now 2 weeks back 1 and now 1.02. The urinary creatinine level is 47. And one 1+ hgb in urine R/E. No family history of kidney diseases. But I am having BP variation in last one year 135/95 & 130/85. I am extremely worried about my condition. Kindly could please give me any suggestion /diagnosis..How bad it is?

The creatinine levels and estimated glomerular filtration rates (eGFR’s) that you describe are normal for a 29 year old.  The blood in your urine should be a concern.  I suggest that you have further testing with your physician.  I am unable to provide a specific diagnosis or treatment based on the information that you present.  The blood pressures that you describe may be slightly high, but this should be evaluated by a physician who is able to examine your and provide a more specific diagnosis.

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