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I am a chronic kidney disease patient on stage 3 of it. I’ve been living with the CKD for possibly years now, which I was just diagnosed in April this year. The cause or causes of my kidney disease may be unknown. I’ve learned a lot about CKD but I also want to know some more things. Okay, so how is serum creatinine obtained? Is it measured over something, when blood tests are done? Do kidney diseases like kidney cancer, iGa nephropathy, nephrotic syndrome and nephritis also cause chronic kidney disease or can do so? I’ve heard now that we only need one kidney when most of us have two, how is it true that we really only need one kidney? When was the first kidney transplant performed? No matter the stage of CKD, is the diet changing depending on everyone’s needs on the disease and what stage they’re each in? And, are some people more or less restricted on the diet regardless of CKD stage, as someone on stage 4 may be less restrictive than someone on stage 2 sometimes? I will ask more questions later if I have any later too. I want to know more on kidneys and kidney disease!

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) Stage 3 means that your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is between 30 and 59 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared and has been so for at least 3 months.  The eGFR is calculated by … Continue reading

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I am finding conflicting opinions as to whether nuts and beans are bad for people with stage 3 Kidney disease. I follow the DASH diet which says they are O.K. but am now being told that nuts are considered proteins and should not be eaten. I also have pre diabetes and am not on any meds.

I am an advocate for the DASH diet in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Unsalted nuts should not pose a problem for patients with Stage 3 CKD.  I suggest that you review your concerns with your physician.  It is … Continue reading

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I believe you have stated that cardiac stress tests that use cardiolite should not harm the kidneys. I am in stage 3 CKD and wanted further information about the impact cardiolite on the kidneys. Is there research or studies that confirm there cardiolite will not further aggravate the kidney disease? (a search on the internet indicates to me that there might be a possibility of harm, for example, the information provided in the following website: lists almost 3% kidney failure). Any further information to help me understand the risks would be most appreciated.

The Cardiolite test is a nuclear test used to diagnose ischemic heart disease and tries to determine if there are areas in the heart that are not getting enough blood.  If uses properly, it should not cause kidney disease but … Continue reading

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Can a CKD patient with 8.0 urea creatinine live with the help of medicine? If yes, please tell me about that. Please sir.

I am unable to make a diagnosis based on the information that you present.  I suggest that you consult with a nephrologist in your country.  The laboratory information that you describe is insufficient for a specific diagnosis of chronic kidney … Continue reading

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My GFr is 26. I have Barretts Esophagus and take antacids only when necessary. What medication for acid reflux would you recommend?

I cannot recommend medical treatment unless I am able to perform a complete history and physical examination upon you.  There are a number of good medications, but the dose of the medications may have to be adjusted for your kidney … Continue reading

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Hi, my son had to have his left kidney removed. I have just been made aware that he had xgp which I’m told is rare. I had a baby who now has kidney issues and one question I have asked which no-one can answer is, is it possible that my 1 yr old could have the same issue. He is due to have his second nuclear scan and still I’m not being told what’s wrong. I nearly lost my son due to this and hospital neglect. I was hoping you may be able to give me some answers, please. Thank you.

The acronym XGP is known to me as xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis.  I am not sure that is what you meant.  I have never seen this disease in an infant.  I do not believe that it is hereditary.  It is a chronic … Continue reading

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My father is 85. Is a dialysis patient for a year and half. He has GI bleeding confirmed by dialysis Doctor and hospital. My father had heart issues and warfarin, COPD, and managed diabetic. His blood numbers since 1st of year 7.2 and 8.1 back and forth since Jan 2016. He needs a colonoscopy. What are his risk factors? Also if we do not have colonoscopy what would happen? He has been to hospital twice in 10 days. Blood pressure low 70’s. He has had 3 bags of blood (transfusion). Please advise what I should do for my father?

Your father has a very complex set of medical problems that will require a consultation between his primary care physician (PCP), his nephrologist and the gastroenterologist.  His age is the major risk factor and will require careful consideration as to … Continue reading

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My blood pressure has been high for the last 10 years 160/90 sometimes goes to 150/85. I have been on high blood pressure meds for 10 years. Now 2 months ago blood work came back good except for LYMPH was 20 and GFR was 85. Kidney creatinIne was 0.7. I have been having low back pain and have bugling disc on right side at L-5 and numbness tingling and knee in pain on left side. It is getting very hard to walk on leg have seen primary, spine, orthopedic, and neurologist, had MRI, x-ray, nerve condition and muscle test. No pinched nerve. He did find weak in muscle. Now as for urine, I am 58 years old. I drink about 5-6 32 oz of fluid a day. I only go to bathroom maybe 2 times a day and never during the night. Could this be my kidney. My dad, sister and niece’s son sees a kidney doctor. They have kidney problems. Thanks.

I am not able to make a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on the information that you provide.  Urine output is not a good indicator of CKD.  I suggest further consultation with your primary care physician (PCP).  If … Continue reading

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My question is that my brother is suffering wth bilateral chronic renal disease. His serum creatinine is 5.2 and his kidney size is about 8.0×3.4 cm and 8.0. He is diabetic but his blood sugar is in very good control but his blood pressure varies 120/80 to 170/110 because of tension. Is there any treatment with oral medications without dialysis?

I suggest that your brother consult with his nephrologist.  I cannot recommend treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination on your brother.  If he has chronic kidney disease (CKD) from his diabetes and high blood pressure, then treatment … Continue reading

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I had my right kidney removed little over 3 years ago. Is there any kind of weight gain supplement that you can suggest to me so I can gain about 20-25 pounds? I tried doing it from foods but it is not working. Can you help me out? Help me please I am 5’6″ and weighting only 97 lbs. I still look sickly. Everything is good health wise the Doctor says.

I suggest consultation with a dietitian to review your diet and see if there are foods that you are needing and not eating.  Another possibility is to consult with a gastroenterologist to see if you have a problem with absorption … Continue reading

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