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During treatment for prostate cancer, doctor found my right ureter was blocked and right kidney swollen, with thin walls. Inserted stent for drainage. Later renogram showed: FINDINGS: There is homogenous distribution of the radiopharmaceutical within the renal cortex of the left kidney. There is delayed initial renal cortical uptake with persistent uptake on delayed imaging. The differential function is 32.5 % for the right and 67.5 % for the left kidney. On the right, the renal pelvis is dilated and photopenic on the initial images fills in after Lasix administration. The right ureter is dilated to the midportion which is seen after Lasix administration as well. The time to peak activity is 28.4 minutes. Following Lasix administration, there is virtually no emptying of the pelvis with a markedly prolonged Lasix T-one-half emptying time of 21.5 minutes. On the left, the time to peak activity is normal at 4.4 minutes with a normal T-one-half emptying time of 7 minutes. There is no pelvic retention of the radiopharmaceutical at 30 minutes. IMPRESSION: 1. Severely impaired function of the right kidney with no significant response after Lasix administration. Retained tracer within the renal pelvis and proximal and mid ureter corresponds to the appearance on the CT from 3/4/2016. This suggests ureteral obstruction. 2. Normal function of the left kidney. 3. Differential function is: 67.5% for the left kidney and 32.5% for the right kidney. Blood and urine tests were all in the normal range (except PSA, which is high due to the cancer). Blood creatinine at 1.12 mg/dl. eGFR & eGFRAA both above 60. One doctor is suggesting removal of the kidney, another doctor suggests leaving it in and changing the stent every few months. Any particular benefits or risks for these courses?

The question that you ask is a urological question.  I am a nephrologist and I have no expertise in the urinary tract system and I do not perform surgery.  Cancer of the prostate and blockage of the urinary tract in … Continue reading

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Hi, I was diagnosed with hydronephrosis last year and had to have a pyeloplasty in January where they also found an extra crossing vessel as well. Kidney function is normal in both kidneys but my right kidney is still baggy and has scar tissue. I still get pain now and I’m on preventative co-amoxyclav. I’m wondering what my risk is during pregnancy?

If your kidney function is now normal, this should not affect the pregnancy, except that you will be more prone to urinary tract infections.  Urinary tract infections are very common in pregnancy and can lead to complications for the pregnancy … Continue reading

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