Husband while recently in rehab following cranial surgery was seen to have 4.7 potassium level. Not in danger zone. But he has had warnings (since he was a lithium user till Depakote came along). His vitals are to be envied. But general fretting among local medics has ensued. Talk of strict low P diet, less liquid etc. He’s bipolar, takes his meds etc., but this new threat of dialysis (from medics) is hard to handle. I know there’s no diet to prevent need for the procedure, but some directions might maintain current levels,. I have noted to list of high and low, fruits/vegs etc. Do you think there should be panic, other than not eating from danger list i.e tomatoes, wheat, avocado, oranges etc. Much appreciated in anticipation.

I am not sure I see the problem.  A normal potassium is 3.5 to 5.5 mEq per liter.  A level of 4.7 is well within the normal range and should not cause concern.  Dialysis is performed for kidney failure, which may include an elevated potassium, but is not performed for an elevated potassium alone.  While a low potassium diet may help to lower the potassium levels, I am not sure this is indicated from the information that you present.  There are medications that can be administer in order to lower the serum potassium, but again, I do not see this as necessary based on the information that you present.  I suggest consultation with a nephrologist about this concern.

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