My husband is 53 y passes kidney stones all the time. We have spoken to our Doctor and asked about damage to urethra and kidneys and he tell us not to worry because he is passing them. However I have seen him pass 2-4 a day has happened twice. He passes at least one every 2 weeks. This week he passed a very large stone one night was painful. The next night he passed another stone a little smaller. And this morning has passed another stone with in 12 hours. Is this something we should be concerned about?

Passing many stones is definitely not a normal finding in routine kidney stone disease.  I recommend that your husband consult with a nephrologist, who is interested in stone disease.  He should have a 24 hour urine collection to determine why he is passing so many stones.  Further testing should reveal the cause of the stone disease and a specific diagnosis will lead to specific treatment for kidney stone disease and should decrease or eliminate stone formation.

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