Good Morning. My wife has kidney failure for nearly a year and in February was diagnosed with bone cancer and is being treated for that. Now she is starting to pass urine for the first time. Her eGFR was 3 and her creatinine 1300 at Christmas and now they are at eGFR 9 and creatinine 598. Does this mean that her kidneys are starting to function again? Our doctor is saying that the cancer may be causing them to stop and as cancer gets better then they will be working fine. Also she has lost weight and now at 49.9 dry weight. She is normally 85-90 kg and we are struggling to get weight on. Is there anything I can give her to increase weight? That is the main worry now. Thanks. Look forward to your reply

With the weight loss, there is likely loss of muscle mass as well and this will cause the serum creatinine to fall without any improvement in her kidney function.  I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  The fact that she is again making urine makes it easier to do her dialysis treatments because less fluid will need to be removed.  I do not know what the cancer has to do with her kidney disease but it could be related somehow.

I suggest that you consult with her dietitian at the dialysis unit for suggestions about how to gain weight and improve muscle mass.

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