I just had a CT Scan done and they found a subcentimeter cyst in (not on) each kidney. I was sent because of upper right abdominal pain that is still unexplained. I have PCOS and Fibro-cystic Breasts and have had kidney infections. This is the first I have heard of cysts in my kidneys. My surgeon did not even mention them in my appointment (I did not see my CT results prior). My Mother had many kidney problems. Is this something I should be overly concerned about? What plan of action should I take?

Cysts of the kidney, if they are described as simple cysts, are benign.  Cysts that are less than one centimeter in size are almost always benign.  You should clarify with your surgeon or primary care physician that this is a simple cyst.  If it is determined to be a simple (rather than complex) cyst, then there is no need to be concerned about this finding.  One in four individuals develop simple cysts in their kidneys as they age.

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