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Good Morning, I am a licensed massage therapist. One of my clients was just put on dialysis. As long as I stay away from the port sight, is it OK for me to massage her once she gets home from treatment?

Massage is fine for dialysis patients as long as you stay away from any of her dialysis access.  This would include any arm fistula (vein used for dialysis treatments) or catheter that she has in her chest or any other … Continue reading

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My daughter was told that she would probably have to start dialysis soon. Her doctor told her that I cannot be a donor for her. I too am diabetic on oral med, and 77yrs old. I do not want to be excluded from helping my daughter. How do I go about being tested, and what can I do?

A diabetic is not a candidate for kidney donation.  Diabetes is the most common cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and as such your risk would exclude you as a candidate for being a kidney donor.  We cannot diminish the … Continue reading

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My nephew has Stage 4 chronic kidney disease and is dangerously close to Stage 5. His disease was mostly caused by medications he has taken nearly his entire life, specifically lithium. He has cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation, and is bipolar. The lithium certainly helped even out his mood swings. He was taken off of lithium in May 2016 and his moods have somewhat evened out although he has occasional outbursts. He’s been taken off of all sodas and caffeine. He begs me to give him a soda and there is no way. However, I found La Croix Sparkling Water which has no sodium and only up to 5 mg/L per 12 oz can phosphoric acid. Is it OK to give that to him as a substitute for sodas? I read and heard that phosphorus (phosphoric acid and all phosphorus type compounds) are equally as bad as sodium. What do you say?

Clear soda pop should not pose a problem for him.  Phosphorus in the diet can cause bone disease and itching (pruritis) for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  I suggest that you need to know the measurement of his current … Continue reading

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Hi, I was just told I have stage 3. I donated a kidney about 15 years ago. My doctor changed my GERD medication from Omeprazole to Zantac and told me to not take Aleve or advil. And come back in six months. Should I have been told more?

I would suggest that you should know your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) result and also should have had urine testing for blood, protein and infection. If these tests were normal, then that is the important information that you need … Continue reading

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Dr Spry I have some symptoms which worry me but do not seem to concern my doctors at all , extreme low back pain for 2 years after 3 nights of excessive beer drinking after which I lost my complexion overnight and many others, something happened that night which left me changed forever . I never have smoked taken drugs nor drink now and have always had a good diet . GFR is reported at over 60 as lab does not specify , creatinine .98 , bubbly urine, twitches, and now lack of sweat and different smelling sweat , also fatigue ,poor sleep and joint pain. Scans 2 years ago were normal as is liver function etc , the really annoying thing is that no one seems to take kidney problems very seriously at all until GFR below 60 even then it’s at a snails pace . My main question to you though doctor is why as I’ve seen you saying here and have read elsewhere is a GFR of 60 considered normal when 59 is panic stations and called stage 3 kidney disease ? Also as far as UK creatinine guidelines go and no doubt US ones too you can be within reference ranges as ” normal ” but still have lost over 50% of kidney function as Edinburgh Infirmary renal dept says on their website ! what kind of normal is that for gods sake ? My doc wasn’t impressed when I pointed that out , do ordinary general doctors really not realise that or are they blatantly lying to their patients telling them they are normal, I don’t know which is scarier. Whichever it is it’s very worrying as obviously the problem wont go away and earlier intervention should result in healthier patients for longer and a vast saving in money in the long run . Most good websites seem to suggest the ” normal” for a healthy young adult is 90 – 120 GFR obviously aging has a declining effect , so why all of the misinformation? I’d be very interested in your opinion. Please don’t palm me off with usual remarks as I know many people would love to have this cleared up. Many thanks in anticipation.

The diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) includes testing for kidney disease in urine by looking for blood, protein and infection.  It also includes the measurement of the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) by using an equation that was developed … Continue reading

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what brand of deodorant do you recommend if slight kidney function?

There is no problem with any brand of deodorant in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  There has been a rumor circulating that deodorants with aluminum should be avoided in patients with CKD, however, this just means that you should … Continue reading

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My mother has a kidney problem. Her doctor’s are saying to do the dialysis, but somebody told me that the dialysis can only be done if the urine & stool is stopped. But my mother’s urine & stool is proper. Can you please give me your advice about what to do about above information?

Many patients with advance kidney disease still make normal amounts of urine.  The amount of urine output has very little to do with whether someone has advanced kidney disease or not.  The production of stool has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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I had my non-functioning atrophied kidney removed when when I was 12 years old. I am 64, caucasian, and overweight. I have had GFR readings between 48 – 60 for ten years or more. My current reading is 48. Is this kidney desease, or does a person functioning on one kidney expect lower readings?

A person with a single kidney is prone to develop chronic kidney disease (CKD).  If you have a normal single kidney, you would expect your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) to be between 50 and 70 milliliter per minute per … Continue reading

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Hi My mom is a dialysis patient. She has diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. It has been nearly 1 year since she’s on treatment. Sometimes she has back pain and leg pains but she was taking painkiller. She was ok, but suddenly in her dialysis session, she suffocated and collapsed and went in coma. It has been 2 days now. Doctor is not saying clearly what happened to my mom. I’m very very worried for her.

Many times sudden collapse on dialysis is related to heart disease.  I suggest that you talk to the physicians who are caring for your mother and ask for a discussion of what happened and her prognosis.  I cannot provide a … Continue reading

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Now that the SPRINT trial has shown that controlling blood pressure does not slow down the progression of CKD or delay the onset of ESRD. Can the same be said for the use of ace inhibitors used to maintain strict control of blood pressure?

The most common cause of death in patients with chronic kidney disease is heart attacks and stroke.  CKD does not often cause death.  Hence, the Sprint trial showed that with careful control of blood pressure, even in elderly patients with … Continue reading

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