Hello, both of my sons were born with multi-cystic dysplastic kidney disease. They are now 11 & 15. No complications, my 15 yr old in the past has had borderline high blood pressure, no longer protein in urine, blood in urine no longer, rare mucus in urine last 2 tests. Last ultrasound for both was 2.5 yrs ago. My 15 yr old at that time functioning kidney measured 10.8 cm and non functioning kidney still had 2 cystic spaces in total measuring 3cm. My now 11 yr old at that time functioning kidney measured 12.2 cm length, and had dilation of left renal pelvis (his good kidney) which was said probably due to extra renal pelvis. Questions: 1. I know the functioning kidney may grow larger due to being solitary, however, when is that solitary kidney too large on average? 2. At what age do the kidneys reach full maturity in size? 3. Should there be routine ultrasounds until the kidney reaches full maturity? I have a private company health insurance, and the medical director says that without symptoms repeat renal ultrasounds would not change management. Everything that I have researched and been told, is that routine ultrasounds until maturity. Any information that you can give me will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I have written!

I am an adult nephrologist and do not see children.  I am not familiar with the recommendation to perform repeated ultrasound examinations of a dysplastic kidney to document growth or change.  Enlargement of the kidney is not a problem that needs to be treated and would not change the management of the multi-cystic dysplastic kidney.  The maximum kidney growth usually occurs by the teenage years, and usually by age 18 your kidneys are as big as they will likely be.


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