I am 22 years old, usually healthy, hispanic,female. I am slightly over weight and have had a C-section in 2013. For two years now, I have had recurring UTI’s about 6-8 last year and 6 this year so far. I have not gone to see a specialist, but I am becoming worried about this situation. I fear that this may have been to many UTI’S already and that I might have kidney damage. How likely is this? I have no symptoms of kidney damage, but I am still fearful. My mother and brother were born with an extra ureter section that would cause frequent UTI’S when she was in her 20s. They apparently did studies on me when I was an infant and supposedly I did not inherit that issue. What else could be going on?

Frequent urinary tract infections (UTI’s) can be the result of many different problems.  I suggest that you have an examination by a urologist to see if you have an abnormal anatomy that makes you more prone to UTI’s.

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