I was told that I am currently at stage-4 from my Dr. per my last blood work results (eGFR-14, BUN-68, & Creatine-4.52). I am getting a fistula done in the next week. I was also told that I was not a good candidate for a kidney unless it was from a live donor due to the fact that I have a mechanical aortic heart valve and am on warfarin. It would need to be a controlled surgery (as they put it). In the mean time, my 24-year old daughter just recently told me that she wanted to give me one of her kidneys. I appreciate & love that my daughter wants to give me another chance to live a healthy life but I don’t want to jeopardize hers. Will she be able to have children in the future and live a normal life?

If your daughter is otherwise healthy and donates a kidney to you, she should be able to live an otherwise normal life.  Studies have suggested that there may be a slight increase in the incidence of high blood pressure and protein in the urine after kidney donation, but most studies suggest that the risk of donating a kidney is very low.  There is also a slight increase in the risk of toxemia of pregnancy (pre-eclampsia) during pregnancies after donating a kidney.  One study suggested that the risk of high blood pressure and toxemia of pregnancy after kidney donation was about 11% of pregnancies compared with 5% of pregnancies in ladies who have not donated a kidney.  Hence, the risk to your daughter is there but the absolute risk is small.

We have further information on our web site about being a living kidney donor at:  https://www.kidney.org/transplantation/livingdonors/what-expect-after-donation


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