Thanks very much for responding to my question of yesterday regarding 24-hour protein of 530 mg along with a possible autoimmune disease. I appreciate that you cannot provide a diagnosis or give specifics regarding treatment. But, perhaps you can just give me some general direction on something. Based on the finding of 530 mg’s of proteinuria, my family doctor acknowledges this is abnormal but is not overly concerned and has not recommended any treatment nor any referrals to a nephrologist at this time. Rather, he just wants to re-check the 24-hour urine protein test in a couple of months. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? I am just questioning whether I should be sitting around two more months without doing something about this! Should I be trying to see a nephrologist NOW to pursue the cause and possible treatment?

I would follow your physician’s advice.  This is a relatively small amount of protein in your urine.  Normal is less than 150 milligrams per day.  Follow up testing could tell you whether this is getting better or getting worse.  A kidney biopsy is not indicated at the present time.  I think your physician has your best interest in mind.

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