Dear Doctor, I request your advice on the status of my kidney health with the recent test parameters as below. 1. Serum creatinine.1mg/dl Gfr. Urine volume 2100ml/24hr. Urine creatinine 44.30 mg/dl Creatinine clearence 71.78ml/min ( ref value 71 to 151 ml/min Urine protein Turbidimetric 54.6 mg/24 hr ( ref range 40 to 150 mg/24hr) Blood urea 27mg ℅ (ref 15 to 40) Uric acid 5.9mg℅ Hba1c. 5.8℅ Blood sugar fasting 106.0 (ref. 70 to 110 mg℅ Total cholesterol 146mg℅ Ldl cholesterol 89mg℅ BP 120/70 Hdl cholesterol 34mg℅ Sodium 139mmol/lit Potassium 5mmol/l.

All of the kidney testing that you mention is normal.  I cannot make a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on the information that you present.


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