Good Evening, I have a two part question. My father was in the Vietnam War prior to my birth. I have medullary sponge kidneys and high blood pressure. Do you know if there have been any studies with medullary sponge kidneys and agent orange? And does high blood pressure have anything to do with the medullary sponge kidneys? I’m 45 and my BMI is 29. I realize that he is in the overweight category but I’ve had high blood pressure for 14 years that I’ve known about and my BMI has not always been this high. I’m just trying to figure out if there is any connection and what that connection is?

I do not know of any connection between your father’s exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam and your diagnosis of medullary sponge kidney (MSK).  MSK is a congenital disease (you were born with it).  High blood pressure is more related to family history, but gaining and maintaining excess weight will make blood pressure more difficult to control.


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