I am now 52.I donated a kidney for my brother Feb 2014. I never really recovered fully . I still have pain in my groin area. They stated they moved/touched (?) nerve(?) to remove the kidney via c section. I am at 53 GFR now and creatinine 1.45. The kidney that they removed had cysts on it. Should I have the other checked for these? I still get tired a lot. I hit that “wall” and need a 1-3hr nap, to recover daily. Is there a specialist in Houston, Tx that deals with donors? Frustrated here as pcp and the local nephrologist say I seem okay BUT can’t explain why I feel the way I do. My life changed since I donated but NO REGRETS !

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  If it is possible for you to consult with the transplant surgeon who did your original surgery, you may be able to ask to be examined and see if there are any complications from the surgery.  Your remaining kidney seems to be functioning properly.  I suggest further consultation with a surgeon if possible.


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