I have kidney stones in both kidneys. Have history of stones and stent placement one year ago which stayed in for 6 weeks. I was stone free but now I have them again. Seems from CT scan that stones are only in kidneys. Not traveling out. I have had severe pain on left side and saw ER doc and then urologist. Urologist told me as long as stones are only in the kidney they shouldn’t cause pain. I am in massive pain that comes and goes and I am nauseated and have been throwing up off and on for over a week now. Should I get a second opinion or just go with what the urologist says and wait it out? Thanks so much.

The question that you pose is a urological problem.  I am a nephrologist and do not have any expertise in the management of kidney stones in the kidney.  You may need to see a nephrologist and see what is causing all of these stones to form.  A urologist is best trained to deal with stones that are actually causing pain and are within the kidney.  Stones within the kidney do not normally cause pain until they pass into the urinary collecting system and the ureters (the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder).  A nephrologist may be able to tell you why you have stones but does not have any surgical training to actually deal with stones that are present.

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