My 85 year old father was diagnosed with kidney disease two years ago. His eGFR rate since then has fluctuated between 29 and 37 but on the whole his health is quite good. He has been on a dose of 300 mg of Lithium for close to 4 years. Unfortunately, I have no test results for the period preceding the start of the Lithium treatment but I do know that 6 years ago his kidney tests were normal. Could this low dose of Lithium be at the root of the problem?More importantly, regardless of the actual cause, now that kidney disease is present, should we try to get him off the Lithium treatment?

Lithium dosing in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be very challenging.  Lithium can cause CKD when used for treatment over many years.  I would suggest consultation with a nephrologist and your father’s primary care physician (PCP) to determine the proper treatment and risks of Lithium in your father.


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