Dear Sir Good day. I would like to get your expert opinion on hydronephrosis. My infant baby girl (4 months old) has undergone USG-ABDOMEN and the impression is: Left mild hydronephrosis (AP diameter 13.3mm) with abrupt narrowing at pelviureteric junction. The pediatrician has advised us to visit the urologist, as her USG-ABDOMEN immediate after birth the impression was (AP diameter 7.5 mm) and after 4 months the new reading is 13.3mm Now the Urologist has advised to perform renogram scan. I humbly request you to provide me with your expert opinion.

I am an adult nephrologist and do not see infants and children.  I suggest that you follow the advice of the urologist.  A urologist is best trained to deal with hydronephrosis in an infant.

For more information on Childhood Hydronephrosis click here:

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