Hi I have been really sick and my primary care doctor referred me to a rhuematologist. While printing out some ultrasound reports I noticed that on Sept 2010 my right kidney measured 9.7cm and left kidney was 8.8cm. The ultrasound report four years later showed my right kidney measured 9.6 and the left was 9.9 cm. Is this normal for a kidney to grow from 8.8cm to 9.9 cm in 4 years time? I should also mention that I did have a 12mm gallstone at the time that my left kidney measured 9.9cm. Thank you so much for your time.

This could be a measurement error by the person performing the ultrasound or interpreting the ultrasound.  This difference is relatively small between 8.8 centimeters (cm) and 9.9 cm.  I suggest that you review this with your physician to see if this is a meaningful difference.  I suspect it is not a critical difference.


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