Hello, I am looking for an explanation of why I have experienced UTI’s at least monthly since my early teens. I am a 28 yr old female with no significant medical history other than preterm labor for both of my pregnancies and eventual hysterectomy at age 22. I have been experiencing these infections and experience blood in my urine very frequently. I have never sought treatment other than to get antibiotics which I don’t always do as I have gotten used to it happening so often I have a supply of over the counter UTI pain relief (AZO) which I now need to take 4 of to get relief and about 30 minutes after taking them experience crippling kidney pain that is beyond description but only lasts for 5-10 minutes and then just goes away. I was diagnosed with kidney stones last week after an ER visit and still have not passed them. Am I just prone to these infections or is it something more significant?

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) should not be this frequent.  You should be evaluated by a urologist to determine if you have abnormal anatomy that would predispose you to frequent infections.

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