I have been dealing with MSK for 30 years . My kidneys have been a ongoing issue. I have had 4 surgeries for large stone removals. This year alone I’ve had 13 lithotripsies. Prior to my lithotripsies, my kidney gfr was in the 30s. Since my lithotripsies, my kidney function has dropped to gfr 25. My urologist said my condition is too complicated and can no longer help me. I’m now in stage 4 kidney failure and I’m lost on what to do. I have constant cramps in my calves at night and frequent night urination. I’m not bloated in my legs but my stomach bloats at times because of this rare condition. Most Doctors in my area can’t help me. I’m wondering if you know of any Dr in the west coast of Florida area that’s familiar with this problem and could help me.

Neither I nor the National Kidney Foundation provide referrals.  I suggest that you contact your primary care physician (PCP) in your area and ask for a referral.  You should have further testing to determine why you are passing so many stones.  A nephrologist may be able to test you and determine the cause of repeated stone episodes and deal with your kidney disease, but removal and treatment of existing stones is best handled by a urologist.

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