I went to the hospital last week with elevated blood pressure, when it got to 195/120 they gave me nitro. They ran a CT of my chest and it says Incidental 4 mm Non Obstructive Left Renal Calyceal Calculus. I understand that is a kidney stone not causing any problems. Then they ran a ultrasound that revealed mild right pelvocaliectasis, the doctors said there is a blockage fluid causing swelling of my right kidney. The urinalysis showed blood, urine 2+ and RBC Urine 5-10 (norm 0 – 4). My creatitine was 1.24 and my GFR was 49. My blood ammonia level was 48 on 7/25/16. I am having massive headaches, pain in my right side and back and my blood pressure has not stabilized. I have had nausea and vomiting intermittently since I was released. I was advised by a urologist that while these are abnormal they are not abnormal enough to be concerned about. Do you think I have any reason to investigate this further or just wait for the symptoms to pass. I am going to PCP for help with the blood pressure.

The problem that you identify is a urological problem and must be evaluated and treated by a urologist.  I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  Further testing may be needed by the urologist.  I suggest you discuss this with your primary care physician and see if further consultation is needed.

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