My transplant was scheduled for next Friday, with my husband as my donor. Our last crossmatch this week showed that we had a weak positive of T and B cells. The 2 prior cross matches were negative. Does this mean a transplant is out of the question now? Surgery was cancelled and now we need to retest in 8 weeks. And why 8 weeks and not sooner?

The question that you ask is very complex and has to do with immunologic testing which must take into consideration the specific information about the immunological risk for your husband and the chances for success in performing a kidney transplant.  This question must be asked of the transplant surgeon and the transplant nephrologist who are reviewing the actual testing and help you and your husband understand the risks of proceeding.  I suggest that you follow the advice of your transplant team.  There is no right or wrong answer.  The recommendations will be as a result of the consideration of the risks versus the benefits of proceeding with surgery in the presence of a positive crossmatch.

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