Good day! I found your site on the internet today which is primarily concerned about kidney diseases, and I thank God He brought me here. My mom is currently experiencing recurrent mild pain on her flank (left part of her tummy). She has a polycystic kidney disease. We just came home from the hospital because we rushed her after her blood pressure rose and experienced chest pain last week. The doctor changed her maintenance meds for her blood pressure and some meds to alleviate the pain in her chest. Right now it’s all normal, except that she feels mild pain sometimes on the epigastric area and sometimes on the left side of her stomach (below her ribs). She has undergone ultrasound, and according to the result, the largest cyst she has is about 6cm size on her left kidney. The are also cysts on other parts of her kidney, liver and spleen but the doctor said they were simple ones. Her lab results for kidney fxn were normal except that uric acid a little bit high (ex. Normal value is 1.20, hers is 1.23) from the normal value. What might be a good explanation for her having such sudden pain? Thank you in advance and I am hoping for an immediate response. God bless!

Polycystic kidney disease (PCKD) is often associated with pain in the abdomen and flank from the enlarging cysts.  Pain can be brought on by bleeding into the cysts which may cause blood to appear in her urine.  I am unable to make any other diagnosis based on the information that you present.  I suggest that she consult with her nephrologist if she has continuing pain.


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