I’m a 62 year old male. I exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. I’m 5′ 6″ 150 lbs. Recently I had a physical exam with blood work. All my numbers were good total cholesterol 164, hdl 49, triglycerides 65, & ldl102. Recently I’ve had problems concentrating and feeling fatigued and no appetite. No fever. This feeling started a month ago. It will come and go but now more often. I had a kidney sonogram. My left kidney has a 1.8 cm calculus at the lower pole. Also a grade 1 bilateral hydronephrosis. Lately I’ve noticed that when I have the bad feeling and no appetite, it would seem like I was not urinating even though I would drink plenty of water. It would seem like my urine flow was weak and not very much. Then when I would feel better, I was urinating normal with good flow. I’ve read that kidney problems could be the cause of no concentration fatigue and loss of appetite. I would appreciate your opinion.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  I suggest that you bring your concerns to your primary care physician (PCP).  I suggest a complete history and physical examination to evaluate your symptoms.  You should have a urinalysis and you may require further testing.

For more information on tests to measure kidney function click here:

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