My uncle is 69 years of age and is a patient of renal failure. His creatinine level is 4.11 and he has been under restricted water intake or else his kidney would fail. Unfortunately, he has got Chikungunya now (the treatment for Chikungunya is done by hydrating enough but we cannot hydrate him because of his renal conditions). The blood platelets count is 8000 and he is also having internal bleeding which is not at a large scale. Please, we have already transfused 2 bags of blood platelets, still the bleeding hasn’t stopped and the blood platelets count hasn’t increased.

I am unable to recommend medical treatment without seeing the person and performing a complete history and physical examination.  Your uncle sounds very sick and it is best to consult with the physicians who are seeing and evaluating your uncle.  I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.


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