I am a male 47 y/o. These are my latest reads at the pharmacy … 24-July-2016: 137 – 91 – 75 12-Aug-2016: 137 – 90 – 93 (44C in Vegas) 19-Aug-2016: 153 – 91 – 74 19-Sep-2016: 152 -103 – 86 Hospital emergency room visit Aug 2015: HBP, diagnosis IBS. Treatment for shingles in 2012: HBP. Application for a life insurance in 2003: high cholesterol and HBP. I think there has been HBP since at least 2003. My mother had chronic HBP, her father too. And my own father is currently being treated for HBP at old age (91) but that’s relatively new from the past years. My big question, how do people first get diagnosed with kidney disease? What kind of pains do they feel when they have see a doctor? I have IBS so any pain and pressure in the abdominal area can be explained away by IBS. Though, since this summer I am starting the feel doll, occasional, pains in the kidney area’s. It all depends on how I sit, move, lay down and bend over. So, it’s not continuous, and it’s alternating on both sides. It’s occasional, but every day. I have seen a doctor last week. A quick 5 min visit at a walk-in clinic (I am on a waiting list for a family doctor for almost 2 years now in Montreal, and I am sure it can take another 5). This doctor told me not to worry, my readings didn’t exceed his cut off of 160. “For kidney damage, the pains ought to be continuous and on both sides.” Can you tell me if I have to leave it at that and stop to worry, or should I try to find another doctor?

Kidney disease rarely is associated with pain.  The only way to diagnose chronic kidney disease (CKD) is to have blood and urine testing for kidney disease.  I can only recommend that you see a primary care physician for a complete history and physical examination.  The diagnosis of hypertension and CKD requires an examination.  The pain that you describe would be very unusual for CKD.

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