I got a living donor kidney transplant from my mom last year on 7/7/15. I am on all the required medication such as myfortic, tacrolimus etc.. I must say that I am doing pretty well. I do want to ask if it is safe for me to do a 6D eyebrow embroidery on my eyebrows. It is a procedure where they do use a disposal needle. They would draw out the eyebrow outline, use anesthetic cream to num the eyebrows, and proceed with the procedure with a device with a clean disposal needle. They did say that it won’t hurt, but may cause bleeding. I was wondering if that would be a safe procedure for me to do? It is not a permanent thing. They say that I would need a follow up touch up on the eyebrows a week later, and it would only stay on for a good 2 year period. The fact that they have to use a needle keeps me a bit apprehensive to do the procedure. Therefore, I would like to ask your opinion if it would be a safe procedure to do because I am on the immune suppressant medications.

I have no experience with cosmetic needling procedures in transplant patients.  As you mention, you are at increased risk for infection because to the medication that you take to suppress your immune system.  As such, any break in your skin may result in a wound infection on your face that would potentially cause great damage.  The risk is likely low, but not zero.  I’m not sure how much risk you would want to take that could permanently scar your face for a cosmetic procedure.  I would not want to take that risk.

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