I had a living donor kidney transplant from my mom last year on 7/7/15. I am on all the required medication such as immune suppressant medication. I’m on Tacrolimus 2.5mg in the morning and at night. Just recently I was hospitalized because of fever caused from UTI infection. I am a 29 year old gay man. I was wondering if there are any proper way to really protect myself from future infections during any sexual intercourse. I always use a condom. I do wonder how I can prevent future UTIs or any other sexual diseases, and also is it safe to do oral sex of any sort? What is the best way to prepare for any form of gay sexual intercourse.

The medication that you take to maintain your transplant and prevent rejection by your immune system will also predispose you to getting infections.  Homosexual encounters between men pose several risks and it is impossible to prevent all known risks.  Use of a condom will decrease risk, cleansing the genital areas after sexual activity and engaging in safe sexual practices by knowing the medical history of your partner are the best ways to avoid infection complications.  While you can lower risk, it is never possible to eliminate risk.  I hope you have discussed your lifestyle with your transplant physicians.  Viral infections in patients with a kidney transplant can be very dangerous and there are a number of viral infections that can affect gay men including herpes virus, CMV virus, BK virus, hepatitis viruses, human papilloma virus and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  In some cases, vaccination is an option.  I suggest you discuss these issues with your transplant physicians.

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