I’ve had 2 RCC with one nephrectomy and then, a radiofrequency ablation. I have CKD stage 3. The doctors have discovered another mass on the remaining kidney. I have recently had a MRI w/ & w/o contrast for another condition after my egfr was checked. Now, I am in need of a CT w/ & w/o contrast. I have other masses in my body in need of scans, so how much contrast can my kidney handle?

Contrast used in imaging for computerized tomogram (CT) scanning can cause further kidney injury but the risk is not easy to estimate.  There is likely increased risk but this risk must be compared to the benefit and information derived from the scan.  Hence, you must consult with your physicians to try and understand the risk versus the benefit.  I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your physicians and then make a decision as to what you want.  This will require consultation with your urologist, your nephrologist and your primary care physician (PCP).  Decisions such as this are never easy to make.

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