Hi, my question is about my son who is 2 weeks old. He had an ultrasound yesterday and it revealed that he has bladder reflux on his right kidney which I know about this condition because my daughter who is 7 yrs old just had surgery to repair the tubes that connect to her kidneys. The doctor also informed me that he has 10 cysts on his right kidney as well which is the same kidney that has the reflux. They said the left kidney looks fine. That’s all the doctor told me and he said to ask the specialist my questions when I see him but that won’t be for weeks and I’m worrying a lot now and want to have an idea of what I’m looking at. The research I did on infants with cysts on the kidneys didn’t look good. It talked about cancer, kidney diseases and ultimately kidney failure. I’m hoping you can tell me something positive that could happen from the 10 cysts. Is it possible they will go away on there own and not damage his kidney? Did the reflux cause the cysts or is there another underlying issue?

The problem that you describe is a urological problem.  I am a nephrologist and do not have any expertise in congenital abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT).  Your son was born with this problem and it must be evaluated by a pediatric urologist.  I suggest you consult with a pediatric urologist.

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