Hi, my mother has a kidney function of 13 and is a diabetic with high blood pressure. Her blood work showed a drop in kidney function from 16-13 in one month. She was recently in the hospital due to low sodium but now her electrolytes are good. Family doctor told her that meats are very bad for her kidneys, so now she is scared to eat meats. If she made soups with meats and bones, but not eat the meats at all, would she be considered on high protein by just drinking the broth, and would that make her kidney function better or healthier but still getting protein? Family doctor told her if her blood pressure which is 160’s comes down and become stable, that she is on her way to better kidney function. Is this true? I thought she would be on her way to dialysis soon. Is there really hope for her having kidney function this low at 13. She will be going for blood work again next week and says they will send me the results once they get them. I am getting nervous for mom because she really doesn’t want dialysis. She is still feeling well and has great appetite and is 78 years old. She loves to eat, but I told her not to eat salt, so she is using spices and Mrs. Dash. Please I need some answers.

I am not an advocate for meat restriction in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD).  I believe that restriction of protein and meat leads to protein malnutrition.  I do advocate for restriction of red meats in favor of more chicken and fish.  I agree with salt restriction.  Keeping blood pressure less than 140/80 will lead to more stable kidney function that high blood pressure.  High blood pressure leads to a faster loss of kidney function.  As long as your mother feels well, is monitored carefully and does not lose weight or strength, she may be able to delay dialysis for some time.  The decision to start dialysis will be a joint decision between your mother and her nephrologist.


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