I am a 75 yr.old male and through Cat Scan and MRI was diagnosed with Cortical renal cysts within the right kidney. Largest dominant cyst upper pole measures 7.2 cm. with simple appearance. No enhancing renal masses. There is no evidence of renal calculi or obstruction secondary to a renal calculus. In August 2016 I had a right renal cyst aspiration with Cone Beam CT. Though two different Urologists suggested to me not to have this procedure, I was feeling pressure from the cyst and feeling some pain so I decided to have the procedure done. FINDINGS from the Aspiration: Anechoic simple right renal pole cyst. Cone beam CT demonstrates no liver obstructing the access path. Successful aspiration of 250cc of simple yellow fluid. Follow up: Ultrasound 3-6 months for recurrence of cyst. If a recurrence, scierosis will be performed. Dr. Spry, your thoughts and do you agree with follow-up if needed? All tests results (fungal stain, fungus culture, glomerular filtration rate estimated, auto.diff., basic metabolic panel, HEME profile within normal limits. Results of all analyses is one Doctor would not treat with antibiotics. Should I have scierosis if needed? Would this cause pain on my right lower side? Your opinion is most appreciated.

Simple cysts, despite being very large, do not cause pain and should not be treated.  Simple cysts are benign and do not require intervention.

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