Hello, I am a 54 year old male. I’ve had diabetes for over a decade. My numbers are high and my A1c is 14. I’m in stage 3 kidney failure. And I just got a call that I am anemic. This is all so overwhelming to me. I’m suffering severe depression and cannot find motivation to help myself get better. There are so many restrictions. My wife wants me to start by writing down what I eat. I find this hard to do while at a busy job. I really do not know what to do or if I can get better at this point. Any suggestions appreciated.

I suggest that you first make a strong commitment to seeing your primary care physician (PCP).  The best thing you can do is seek information and guidance from your PCP.  Once you have established this close relationship, you can discuss your concerns and frustrations with your PCP and he or she will guide you in trying to improve your health.  This takes a commitment on your part and a willingness to share your frustrations and concerns. With time, the problems are dealt with and you can re-shape your life to become healthier and feel better.

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