My husband has a very enlarged prostate. For five months, he suffered urine infections because he was not evacuating his bladder. Approx. 1.2 litres of urine were retained in his bladder over that period. Antibiotics failed to solve problem. On 25th October a catheter was fitted. Shortly after that date. he finished a six week course of antibiotics. On 19th September he had blood tests and I believe the measurement was 18. He is to have another blood test on Monday 14th November. What questions should I be asking his GP about any improvement/deterioration in the kidney function?

The problem that you mention is a urological problem.  This is usually dealt with by a urologist.  I have no expertise is diseases of the prostate and bladder.  If his kidney function has been impacted by the blockage from the prostate and bladder disease, the best thing to do is relieve the blockage and see if the kidney function will return.  This may take some time.  If his kidneys fail to improve after relief of the blockage, then evaluation for dialysis may be needed.  I recommend that you continue consultation with his primary care physician (PCP) and then referral to a nephrologist if his kidney function does not improve.



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