How often per year must a pancreas/kidney patient be seen by a transplant specialist. Is twice a year required ? My husband had both organs transplanted 5 years ago and is doing great. He has labs done every 3 months. The travel to appointments is tough due to the traffic and both of us don`t have the best eyesight anymore to drive to the appointments. so it is very stressful. Please advise.

I usually see my kidney and pancreas transplant patients every 6 months and recommend lab testing every 3 months.  If you have a primary care physician who will see your husband, then your husband could see his primary care physician once yearly and the transplant specialist once yearly.  I do this with some of my patients.  It is important to remember to get the laboratory testing and have regular follow up for blood pressure, monitoring of kidney function, bone disease and vaccination status.  If travel is difficult, I recommend that your husband establish with a primary care physician and then see how often he needs to see the transplant physician.



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