I am a 59 year-old white female. I am fairly healthy, normal weight, with no diabetes. I underwent in-center hemodialysis for 4.5 years and had a kidney transplant in Aug., 2013. My worst problems are osteoarthritis, chronic squamous cell carcinomas (one per month the first year post-transplant), low bone density (one inch shorter than my usual adult height, 2 broken feet & 3 broken toes this year) and premature aging. My face is very wrinkled & many women in their mid-sixties and early 70’s think we are the same age. Considering my compromised immune system, do you think I would I be foolish to undergo Botox, Restalyn or collagen injections or even a facelift merely for aesthetic reasons? I appreciate your input.

I do not recommend cosmetic surgery for my patients with a kidney transplant.  I feel it is taking a risk to have elective surgery that can subject the kidney transplant even to very small risk.  I suggest that you discuss this with your transplant physician.


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