I am a 62 years old. In 2015 one of my kidneys failed because it’s ureter was full of scar tissue and became blocked. A doctor tried opening up the ureter before the kidney failed using the Da Vinci robot, but there was too much scar tissue. The other kidney is fully functional and seems to be doing okay. I have had blood panels done to monitor my Creatinine levels which has hovered between 1.5 and 1.7. The most recent was a 1.5. I also have issues with slightly high blood pressure and my primary care doctor has me on Lisinopril 20mg and wants me to change over to Valsartan as I am experiencing the common side effect of a dry cough which is associated with Lisinopril. I am leary about using Valsartan because of the warnings I have seen regarding patients with kidney issues. What medications for high blood pressure does NKF recommend for people like me that have had issues with kidneys like mine?

I recommend the use of an ACE-inhibitor (such as Lisinopril) or an ARB agent (such as Valsartan) for treatment of hypertension in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).  This is particularly the case if you have any increase in the protein found in your urine.  Valsartan would be a good alternative to Lisinopril (and ACE-inhibitors in general) that are uncommonly associated with a cough.


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