My husband already on CKD stage 3. He ‘s now 34 yrs old. He suffered PAN (periarteritis nodosa) at 16 yrs old. I’m afraid he may need to take kidney transplant in the future. But there are some information showed that patient with PAN should not accept kidney transplant? Is this right? He already doesn’t have any symptom of PAN for many years. I can’t say he’s already been healed, as his kidney, but without other symptom for PAN, could he accept kidney transplant?

I do not know of any information about problems with patients who have had previous vasculitis, such as periarteritis nodosa or PAN) receiving kidney transplants.  In some cases of PAN, it can be related to Hepatitis, but if your husband has no symptoms or signs, this would be unusual.  As long as he is otherwise healthy, there should not be a reason that he could not receive a kidney transplant when he needs one.  With is current kidney function, he may not need a kidney transplant for quite some time.


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