Dear Doctor, after a routine urine analysis, I found that I have protein in the urine (++). I visited a Kidney Doctor and he said that I have a kidney infection (pyelonephritis chr.sin.hypotrophio renis sin.), and I took drugs against infections (Seftizon 1gr. ampules for 10 days). Now I do not have protein in the urine, but the left kidney is slightly damaged. So I made the kidney scintigraphy DMSA, and it was ascertained that the workability of the left kidney is 35% and the right is 65%. There are some other data which if necessary will send you as scanned. I live here in Kosovo and medicine is not at a satisfactory level, so I would be very grateful if you would send me a comment about the risk of loss of kidney function. If you can heal the damaged kidneys, or how to prevent further kidney damages? I am 28 years old, 182cm and 82kg. Also, my blood pressure is most often 145/100.

Damage from acute infection will commonly resolve within 3 months.  The kidneys have the capacity to heal damage done by acute infection, as long as repeat infection does not complicate the recovery.  Hence, I would recommend retesting after 3 months of healing and also recommend repeat urine testing to make sure that the infection clears and does not return.


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