Sir, My height 167 cm, weight 100 kg, age 56, Diabetes since 11 years, maximum score of sugar around 280 occasionally due to uncontrolled eating. Even with pills (DPP 4 +metformin )..A1c 6.5…cardiac MRI –inflammatory cardiomyopathy borderline..associated VPC under control by metoprolol 50 mg twice. Now I want change in medicine but sulfonylurea medicines can increase weight. Acarbose/voglibose do not work properly. DPP4 not so work as require. The new medicine was offered by doctor was that sodium glucose transporter but I am afraid of kidney damage. Otherwise best (creatinine around 1). The other offer was doctor for slow release insulin injection but this can also increase weight. Otherwise good. Kindly guide me any other option. I have sometimes an overeating problem. GLUCOSE SODIUM TRANSPORTER MEDICINE CAN HELP ME WITHOUT HARM? LONG TERM EFFECT OF THIS MEDICINES?

You appear to be asking all of the correct questions.  I am unable to recommend medical treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination.  You accurately describe the benefits and risks of each treatment option.  I suggest that you and your physician have a discussion about what is best for you.  Diet is a critical treatment in addition to medication, exercise and self monitoring.  It sounds like you have identified your problems so you must decide which treatment you will accept and what you are willing to do to better control your diabetes and improve your long term health.


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