My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer Oct 14 with large bite (cancer) out of mid right femur. Had rod insertion immediately followed by 10 radiation treatments. was recovering from walker to cane. Source was large mass in right kidney. it was removed 11/8. Due to ileus complication now on 11/27 still not able to move without walker due to pain/fluid something in right knee. No cancer apparent. We are seeing Oct14 orthopedic doc today – others are scheduled out 2 wks to 30 days. Main question: can he be given a diuretic to remove fluid in lower body? His creatinine is 2.3.

I cannot recommend medical treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination.  The fluid and swelling in his lower legs are likely related to his acute illness and poor nutrition.  I’m not sure using a diuretic would be indicated for swelling caused by acute illness and may lead to further dehydration of the remaining kidney.  I suggest consultation with your husband’s physician about swelling in his lower body as to it’s cause and potential treatments.

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