Last year I was told I was borderline diabetic and my protein levels in kidneys were wrong, and that I had blood in my urine. The quick care urged me to see a Doctor. And of course I did not.. It’s been fourteen months and now I have a reoccurring rash just below where kidneys are. I urinate less and am constantly fatigued. I guess I am wondering if me freaking out right now is warranted and I really should see a Doctor? I had suffered extreme unexplained weight loss, dizziness and I’m worrying my eyes are getting worse so quickly.. I want to see a Doctor now but I’m scared. Is there a chance an easier explanation is possible?

I cannot make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  I suggest that you see your physician and ask to be re-evaluated for kidney disease and have a complete history and physical examination in regard to your present symptoms.  You should see your physician.


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