I am looking at trying to find help for my 34 year old daughter who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has suffered with major kidney stone issues for about 10 years. As I understand it she has stones forming in only 1 of her kidneys which I understand is very unique. The doctors do not seem to know what is causing the stones to be able to stop their growth. She has had multiple lithotripsies and both of the other 2 more invasive procedures. None of these have resulted in clearing her kidneys of the stones completely and they continue to multiply. The last lithotripsy which was about 5 weeks ago left her with a hematoma about 12-13 cm big and much soreness. She was told it could be up to 6 months for this to heal for anything else to be done She cannot lift her 11 month old baby currently. Where do we look for help for her? Where do we look for a doctor who is familiar with situations like hers, who can help her, and who is on her local Michigan insurance. Any information you could provide would be most appreciated.

The problem that you describe is a urological problem and should be evaluated by a urologist.  I am a nephrologist and I have not experience with lithotripsy and treatment of existing kidney stones.  Neither I nor the National Kidney Foundation provide referrals for medical care.  I suggest that your daughter consult with a urologist and determine the cause of the recurrent kidney stones and make a plan of treatment.  In some cases, it might be best for her primary care physician (PCP) to try and consult with the urologist and then explain the treatment to your daughter.


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