I am a male suffering from nephrotic syndrome since I was 22 . Right now, my age is 28 and when I was 6 years old (in 1996) I got my first attack of severe swelling of body and protein loss. After that the attacks was frequent but not much severe then later it was ok. Again severe attack occurred in 2003 and 2012. I keep on using Prednisone from years and recently in August 2016 doctor suggested to stop using steroid as there no attack from many years, but thing is the relapse occurred after my stoppage of medicine within one month i.e. September 2016. During the attack Prednisone dose usage is 60mg /day and then gradually I will reduce the dose to 5mg/day in alternative days. Now I’m steroid dependent and due to this other complication like high cholesterol and hypertension problems being raised. Recent protein/creatine ratio is 600/177 mg/dl. Please suggest me medications, diet and also estimated cost for the treatment if available. I’m unmarried suggest to me whether I can marry or not, so that the girl whom I marry should not face any problems. Thanking you. Hoping for positive feedback.

The disease that you describe is known as Steroid Dependent Nephrotic Syndrome.  It is a very difficult kidney disease to treat.  In some cases, it is necessary to perform a kidney biopsy in order to know exactly what the kidney looks like to make sure that a second disease has not occurred such as Focal and Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).  I suggest that you consult with a nephrologist in your country and determine if there are other treatments available for you and whether a kidney biopsy should be done.  The alternative treatments for your disease are best done if you have a kidney biopsy to be sure of the exact diagnosis and pathology.  I am unable to recommend medical treatment without performing a complete history and physical examination.


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