A friend ( 60+) has developed kidney failure and was in the waiting list for transplant when a donor is found. However, the hospital ( in the US) has now removed her from the list because they found high level of oxalate in her blood. They do not want to risk a new kidney getting damaged by the oxalate? What can be done to reduce oxalate in the blood ( or something else?) in the hope of potentially allowing her to be placed back in the list for future transplant. Any thoughts/references/ publications to shed some insight on this would be much appreciated.

Elevated oxalate in the blood may have many different causes.  There are a number of diseases such as primary hyperoxalosis and oxaluria that can cause this.  Your friend should consult with an expert in kidney stone disease to learn the exact cause and treatment.  A specific diagnosis is needed in this case.  In some cases, a combined liver and kidney transplant may be needed.

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