I am an 83 year old man. I have dropped to late stage 3 ckd over the past 20 years. I do not have heart disease or diabetes. My creatinine is 1.73 and gfr 38. Recently I have been diagnosed with anemia due to a decrease in hemoglobin red cells level to 11.1 because my bone marrow is not producing enough erythropioetin hormone and when it drops to 9.5, I will have to get injections of synthetic epo. My question is do you think my good creatinine and gfr levels will also drop sharply. I am hoping that the injections will keep my hemoglobin levels around 11.1 and my good creatinine and gfr levels will not drop drastically because of this hemoglobin problem and that I will be able to avoid dialysis for a couple of years more.

I am not able to provide a prognosis without performing a complete history and physical examination.  Each person progresses with chronic kidney disease (CKD) at a unique pace.  The pace of deterioration of your kidney function is best judged by following your clinical course over time and cannot be judged at any specific point in time.  I suggest that you consult with your current nephrologist about your prognosis and status.  Someone who knows your current health and medical status can best judge your prognosis.



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